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We have integrated top quality tools giving traders the edge they need to make informed trade decisions. Premium channels include option flow, dark pool data, private help chats, momentum scan, live news, alert stats, trade reviews, and stock/option bots available 24/7 exclusively in our discord channel.

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SeleneAlgo identifies entry and exit positions by combining momentum and multiple fast moving averages with custom candle analysis & price action, in addition to several other factors. By doing so, SeleneAlgo can identify confident long/short signals as soon as the market trend changes while filtering out many false positives.

All these features combined with an extremely informative Dashboard creates a powerful tool that can be customized according to the user’s trading style and comfort level.

Premium Indicators

ADX Momentum Insight

ADX Momentum Insight is a Zero Lagging ADX directional indicator that interprets trend strength. It allows you to anticipate reversals with amazing accuracy and see the current momentum’s strength, thus assisting you to rule out false positive signals. ADX Momentum Insight works harmoniously with SeleneAlgo adding an extra layer of confirmation to your trade decisions.

Market Guard

Market Guard interprets sentiment direction and volatility patterns of the overall stock market. In doing so, we can see when the market is the verge of a potential market crash or bear market, in addition to signs of market recovery.

Ultimate Support & Resistance

USR dynamically detects the most immediate Support and Resistance Zone Ranges while dynamically detecting and drawing Smart Trend Lines that can highlight trends traders might have otherwise missed. An interesting feature to note is USR also has the ability to Batch Insert up to 400 S&R levels instantly. All a trader has to do is paste a comma separated price list into the settings and USR will chart them out and color coordinate them accordingly. This can be particularly helpful when sharing lists of S&R prices with friends via Discord, allowing other users to instantly get the same S&R chart levels as you.

Candle Insight

Candle Insight allows traders to simultaneously view a second timeframe of candles without needing to change chart timeframes. When choosing a timeframe LESS than your current, it will show the internal candles that make up the current active candle. When choosing a timeframe MORE than your current, it will show the specified number of candles back of that timeframe. Using Candle Insight, traders can gain even more insight into a stock’s price movements providing a higher precision in their trade decisions.

Market Sectors

Displays the % difference of the previous chosen timeframe’s candle value to the current candle’s value of all sectors. It then ranks the sectors from highest to lowest displaying as a meter on the side.

Choose from the sector sources of either “SP Index ( S&P 500 )” or “Select Sector SPDR Fund” (NYSE Arca Required)

Market Correlation

Market Correlation shows the correlation between multiple securities indicating either a Positive, Negative, or Insignificant Correlation. This can be particularly useful to hedge your trade minimizing risk.

Opening Bell Candle Analysis

Opening Bell Candle Analysis analyzes the statistical probability of candle behavior patterns starting from an inputted time allowing the trader to see the exact % chance of what the next candle will be based on its history. This allows a trader to look at a security they are unfamiliar with for the first time and instantly see if it tends to demonstrate a reoccurring pattern of market opening candles or at a specific given time of day.

Consolidation Detection

The Consolidation Detection Indicator uses a combination of Zero Lagging ADX and Triple Exponential Moving Average deviation to detect when a security begins to move sideways. Traders have the option to either let the indicator auto select the sideways areas or be able to fine tune the areas of interest themselves to fit their particular trading style.


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