About Us

What is The Trading Collective?

Do you want to be part of a community of like minded people? Do you want to stop losing and win?  Do you want to know everything  about today’s stock market?

If you answered yes… Congratulations! You are one step closer.

The Trading Collective is made up of many different people who aspire to learn and win.  Do you want to grow your wealth and knowledge?

Of course you do!

We are an education based community of traders.  The sole ambition is to win!

KNOWLEDGE is key in the market today.  We provide this for you in one easy to use group in the goal of taking you from a Novice to a Pro without all the hardships, mistakes and losses with our University Classes.

You no longer have to feel lost.  The Trading Collective is here to help!

Profitable And Successful Investments



Education based


Take advantage of our community, and our network of technical advisors. Live Trading in an open format allows for your questions to be answered. Join our discord group and start winning.
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University Content


We have an entire University program setup to show you how the market works. Check your comprehension through our quizzes and monitor your progress.
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Custom Indicators

Trading Tools

We've proudly partnered with SeleneAlgo to provide exclusive access to the entire "Selene Suite." Giving you a superior understanding of the market, and helping you make better informed decisions based on data analytics.
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We Are Here To Make Trading Easy!

Premium Education

Our university classes educate you on how to learn every aspect of trading. Making it easy to make successful trades!

Award Winning Indicators

SeleneAlgo identifies entry and exit positions by combining momentum and multiple fast moving averages with custom candle analysis & price action, in addition to several other factors. By doing so, SeleneAlgo can identify confident long/short signals as soon as the market trend changes while filtering out many false positives.

Diverse Community

Community is everything! We bring everyone together to make the Trading Collective what it is. Creating a space that fosters knowledge and the ability to share it with others.