Interested in Becoming a

Trading Collective Affiliate?

What is the Affiliate Program?

All Gold members can apply to become an Affiliate of The Trading Collective. This allows Affiliates to receive a personally assigned shareable link that they can distribute. The goal is to bring more members into The Trading Collective benefiting both the Affiliate and the New Member.

With your Affiliate link the first 100 ‘New Members’ will enjoy 25% OFF their Subscription for life!
YOU as a Trading Collective Affiliate will receive a 10% Referral for every month that member is a subscriber. You are UNCAPPED as to how many members you can invite, and how much you can earn!


By Referring 10 people to the Trading Collective you receive an extra $75-$100 a month, for as long as they remain a subscriber. This can really begin to stack up, considering that our program is UNCAPPED.

50 people = $4.5k-$6k / yr

100 people = $9k-$12k / yr

500 people = $45k-$60k / yr

1000 people = $90k-$120k / yr