1. Introduction

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In this course, you will learn about:

  • Who the Trading Collective is
  • How to Use TradingView for Selene (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Market Analysis
  • Types of Charts

Intro Handout


Section 1: Introduction

What the Trading Collective is

  • Our Goals
  • Our Values


Section 2: Market Analysis 

What Technical Analysis is

Why Technical Analysis is Important

What Fundamental Analysis is

What Fundamental Analysis is

Difference between Technical and Fundamental Analysis


Section 3: Types of Charts

Line Charts

  • What is a Line Chart
  • Pro’s
  • Con’s

Candle Charts

  • What is a Candle Chart
  • Pro’s
  • Con’s


Section 4: How To Use TradingView (Mobile Included)

What is TradingView

Getting Started with TradingView

How to Use Dark Theme

Installing Required Data For Selene.

Running Selene