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The market can be difficult to understand. We give you the tools to be successful,
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What We Do

The Trading Collective is an education based community of traders that share knowledge and techniques. We offer multiple custom indicators, algorithms, and an entire University Program to our members.

The University

The Trading Collective has an entire University Program to teach you how to trade. Whether you're a beginner or advanced level trader, we've got you covered.


We are helpers

Advice and guides

Take advantage of our community, and our network of technical advisors. Live Trading in an open format allows for your questions to be answered. Join our discord group and start winning.
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Financial News

Stay in the Loop

We consolidate financial news for you within our discord, allowing you to see real time articles so you never miss out.
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Data Analytics

Custom Indicators

We've proudly partnered with SeleneAlgo to provide exclusive access to the entire "Selene Suite." Giving you a superior understanding of the market, and helping you make better informed decisions.
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    Profitable And Successful Trading

    Stop Trading With Emotions. Start Trading With the Trading Collective & Start Winning.


    We facilitate a rapidly expanding community of traders. We believe this is our strongest asset as a company, constantly developing tools for our network to utilize


    We have a full University Program which teaches you how to trade stocks, options, crypto, and forex. Whether you're a beginner or advanced level trader, we are a one stop shop.


    We know the importance of indicators when trading, we have consolidated indicators to house the tools you need to make winning trades.


    Our custom trading algorithms have been developed to build off technical analysis. Giving you a better idea of when to enter and exit positions.

    Meet Our Team

    We love what we do and we do it with passion. Staying to true our community, we are proud of what we've built and are constantly developing.


    Bruce Bianchi



    CJ Hogg


    We Are Here To Ease
    The Obstacles of Trading!

    This is how you become a successful trader

    Stay Informed

    Join our discord group so that you stay in the loop, don't be left out. The power of the community is unmatched. Stop missing out.

    Study the University

    As a trader it's important to continue to learn and adapt. Look no further than our University Program to refine your techniques.

    Consistency is Key

    Develop your own strategy, and stick to your plan. Discipline is the core principle for any successful trader.

    Make the Right Trades, and Start Winning!